the classic chanel

My favorite vintage piece - my Chanel.

I’m so happy I was able to find her in Japan. It’s such a nice souvenir from one of my favorite trips.

I remember when planning my trip to Japan that I was set on saving enough money to buy a vintage Chanel bag there since Japan’s vintage selections are on another level. I was eyeing this bag for sooo long and it was the first thing I went to look for when I got there. Definitely make sure to check out their vintage selections when you’re there!

My bag cost me ~$1800 USD and that’s with the tax refund. Isn’t that insane?! Meanwhile, newer Chanel bags go up from $5k! It’s wild. I got her at a vintage designer shop called Vintage Qoo but you can also check out Amore Tokyo which has become extremely popular recently especially after Kim Kardashian paid a visit. If you’re a Chanel lover, visit those stores and you’ll literally be in Chanel heaven.